Query Results Cache

Each time you run a query, Alation caches the resulting output by default. Alation automatically saves a result page in the catalog. You can view the catalog result page by clicking More > View in Catalog in the Results tab.


Automatic caching depends on the size of the query result. By default:

  • All Results < 1 MB are automatically saved forever unless you delete them.

  • Results > 1 MB and < 16 MB are saved for the next seven days. If you want to save a result forever,  click the Preserve Data link in the Results tab.

  • For query results > 16 MB, the first 16 MB worth of rows will be stored. If you select Download, only the first 16 MB of rows will be downloaded.

A Server Admin can manually purge saved query results as well as change the default behavior in the following ways:

  • The size threshold for automatically saving query results can be changed.

  • The length of time results < 16 MB are saved can be changed.

  • Automatic caching of results can be disabled entirely.

Read more to learn about configuration options for query results: