Release Notes 4.2.0


  • A new oft-requested feature: you will now get email notifications for DBA-relevant events, e.g. if Metadata Extraction fails. Admins can disable this in their notification preferences.

  • We’ve also improved our APIs by

    • fixing the bug where the Alation API token can only be retrieved when using built-in authentication (You can now fetch your API token from the “Misc” tab in the Admin Settings UI)

    • and adding the ability to

      • filter results by Picker, Date, or Text Custom Fields in the Metadata GET API

      • and disable propagation of titles/descriptions added via API to derived columns using a parameter.

  • We now show the timezone in log timestamps

  • We updated the Alation Repair action to fix permissions on PostgreSQL data directory

  • and added readline library to chroot so we can use arrow keys in the Python shell.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed the bug where Alation services are not automatically started after a reboot