Create an Article Group

Article groups are collections of articles sharing one or more common article templates. An article group shows only articles with the designated templates that are assigned to that article group. Any article that has one or more of the designated templates associated with it will show up in the article group.

Article groups may be created in two ways:

  • If you created article-based glossaries using versions of Alation 2022.1 and earlier, those glossaries will be relabeled as article groups when the Glossary Terms GA feature flag is enabled. See Migrate Articles to Glossary Terms for details.

  • You can create article groups from scratch using the New Article Group button on the Article Groups page of the catalog.

Create a New Template

Because article groups are defined in terms of shared templates, you should define any new templates you want assigned to the article group before creating the article group. See Build Custom Templates for Articles for details.

Create a New Article Group

You must be a Catalog Admin or Server Admin to create a new article group.

  1. From the Apps menu, choose Article Groups. The Article Groups catalog page appears.

  2. Click New Article Group.

  3. Give the new article group a title:

  4. To the right of the heading Include all Articles with any of these templates, click Add.

  5. Select a desired template from the dropdown menu.

  6. Repeat the preceding two steps as needed to complete the list of templates associated with the article group. Articles with any of the templates in the list will appear in the article group.

  7. Click Save.