Alation User Survey

As you work with the Alation catalog, from time to time after you log in, you will see a question box pop up asking you about your experience with Alation:


Your feedback is important to team Alation. It helps us measure satisfaction with the product and keeps us motivated to constantly improve it. We are looking forward to hearing from you and appreciate it when you find time to share your opinion. The score and feedback you provide in this survey is used by our Analytical, Product, and UX teams when they are researching ways for Alation to deliver more value to its users.

After you give us a score in the initial dialog, we will request you to (optionally) elaborate on why you have decided on that specific number:


You can optionally choose to share your email with us when you send feedback. An Alation representative for your organization may contact you for more details about your feedback, especially if you let us know there is an area that has a potential for improvement.

If you have any concerns about giving your personal contact to Alation, note that the email you provide here will only be used for contacting you about feedback and is not stored in any internal databases or used for any other purposes.

Before you click Send and Finish to send your feedback, also consider signing up for participation in user experience (UX) research with Alation. If you are interested in UX and are curious about new feature design, this is a great opportunity to give your curiosity a chance. To sign up, click Sign Up in the Get a sneak peek at new features! banner:


This will take you to the Alation Insiders site (in a new browser tab) where you can sign up for participation. Team Alation UX is looking forward to working with you!