Top Navigation Bar

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Applies from version 2020.3

The Top Navigation Bar or Main Toolbar has the following icons:

  1. Left-Hand Navigation Icon - It is used to show/hide the Left-Hand Navigation Menu. The Left-Hand Navigation Menu includes the following sections:

    • Data

    • File Systems

    • Queries

    • Articles

    • Conversations

    • Business Intelligence

  2. Alation Logo or the Co-Branded Logo if it is configured. Click the Logo to view the Homepage.

  3. The Apps icon - The Apps icon has the following primary applications of Alation as sub-menus:

    • Compose

    • Glossaries

    • Sources

    • Advanced Search

    • Query Search

    • Curate

      • Steward Dashboard

      • Curation Progress

      • Catalog Activity

      • Assign Stewards

      • Titles & Descriptions

      • Catalog Sets



    The application availability in the Apps menu depends on the user role. A Server Admin sees all, and users with other roles see applications included into the scope of their role.

  4. Admin Settings - This Icon will be available for the users entitled as Server Admins or Catalog Admins.

  5. Help - The Help icon has the following help items:

    • Visit Help Center - Link to the product documentation.

    • Quick Start Tour - A quick start video about the Alation features based on the user role.

    • Release Notes - Link to the release notes page of the product documentation site.

    • About This Instance - This menu has the details of the current instance such as build details, License information, and server admin information.

  6. My Inbox - This is a link to your Alation Inbox. Click the + Conversation button to initiate a new conversation.

  7. My Account - Opens the details of the user profile.