ACS Overview

Alation Cloud Service is a solution for organizations that wish to use the full scope of the Alation Data Catalog without the overhead associated with procuring and hosting the infrastructure for Alation instances, as well as configuring and maintaining the Alation application.

Alation Cloud Service is a fully managed instance cluster. The Alation experts prepare, install, and configure the required hardware and software. The Alation personnel takes the Alation application maintenance workload off the IT teams at an organization as all environment administration and upgrade tasks are delegated to Alation.

Cloud customers benefit from faster time to value as their instance is regularly patched and upgraded so that they can take advantage of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes shortly after they are released. The upgrade to major product releases happens quarterly during a planned maintenance window.

For end-users of the Catalog, there is no difference between Alation deployed in the Cloud and on-premise or VPC deployments. The Cloud and on-prem deployments use exactly the same versions and full functionality, including data source connectors.


To receive a demo of the Alation Cloud Services or request pricing options, contact your account manager. You can also sign up on the company site: Alation Cloud Service.