Analytics ETL on Demand


This section is for Alation Analytics Version 1 (V1). Please see Alation Analytics V2 for information about Version 2 (available from release 2020.3).

Alation Analytics ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is an automatic process. However, you can trigger it manually on demand if the automatic process fails and you need to troubleshoot it.

To trigger Alation Analytics ETL manually, SSH to the Alation host and run the following script - from inside the Alation shell as user alation:

sudo service alation shell
sudo su alation
cd /opt/alation/django

This script will queue a background task to run the Alation Analytics ETL job. Only run this script once so that only one Alation Analytics ETL queued job exists at a time.

Any errors during the ETL will be logged in /opt/alation/site/logs/celery-alationanalytics_error.log.

After the ETL job is completed, run metadata extraction on your Alation Analytics data source to see the updated metadata.