Limitations and Troubleshooting


  • Personal access token can only be used for a single metadata extraction. If the token is used for multiple extractions in parallel, only the first extraction will work; for others an authentication error message will be displayed.

  • If Permission Mirroring and Preview features are enabled, they are expected to considerably increase the Metadata Extraction job duration.

  • Metadata Extraction will fail if the Tableau Metadata APIs are re-indexing post the Tableau instance upgrade.

  • Column Sampling may not fully extract the column sample data of all the views. The connector tries to match the CSV headers from Tableau Rest API with the column metadata received from the graphQL query response. If a column name does not have a corresponding CSV header, the data will not be extracted.

  • Cross-System Lineage is not supported for data sources created from HYPER (.hyper) files. The database hostname and/or port information is not returned from Tableau Metadata API for such data sources.

  • Cross-System Lineage is not supported for data sources created using Oracle synonyms due to an API limitation from Tableau.

  • If there are projects with the same name in a site, there can be wrong mapping of parent projects for datasources in such projects.

  • If Site specific MDE for Personal Access Token with Tableau Server is used in connector version prior to 1.9.0 and if you upgrade the connector to 1.9.0 and newer; Tableau Cloud will be selected by default and user need to select Tableau Server manually.


Refer to Troubleshooting.

Type of Error




Connector logs show this message: Showing partial results. The request exceeded the ‘n’ node limit.

Either organize your projects and wokrbooks in a more optimized or increase the node limit on Tableau server.


When a request takes longer than the configured timeout in seconds.

Increase the Request timeout in seconds input field in the Additional Settings section from default 20 to a higher value.


Still creating the Metadata API Store. Results from the query may be incomplete at this time.

Wait for the process to complete.