Publish a Query

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Publishing a query significantly boosts its visibility. If you think your query may be useful to your colleagues at some point, make sure to publish it to make it easier for them to find.

  1. Open the query in Compose.

  2. Click the Publish button.

  3. Enter a Title and Description to help your colleagues find and understand your query.

  4. Click Ok.

If you make changes to a previously published query, your colleagues will not see the updates unless you click Publish again.

Changes to Query Publishing in V R5 (5.9.x)

The state of the query, published or unpublished, affects how it is displayed to users in the catalog. If you search for queries in left-hand navigation,:

Authors and Collaborators

As the query author or collaborator, you will find and see:

  • All your unpublished queries in their latest state.

You will always see your latest query body, both in Compose and Catalog:

  • All your published queries, which have no unpublished edits, in their latest state.

  • All your Published queries, which are edited but not republished in their latest state. In the catalog there is currently no way to differentiate between the published part of the query and the unpublished edits.


As the viewer, non-author, you will find and see:

  • Unpublished queries and their latest state.

  • Published queries, which have no unpublished edits and the query as it currently is.

  • Published queries, which have some unpublished edits and only their published part in the catalog with the unpublished changes not visible.