Release Notes 4.15.0

Release 4.15.0

While working hard behind-the-scenes on big improvements and new features for Alation 5.0, our team also fixed a bunch of bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • Now, if you lose network connectivity while on an Alation page, clicking a link will show an error message, and if you regain connectivity, clicking the link will work. Previously, nothing would happen when connectivity was lost, even if it was subsequently regained (until a full page refresh)!


    Note: in some cases, the error will come in the form of a clear, actionable alert pop-up, while in others, it will wrongly display a 404 error.

  • Now, Allie the Robot’s head will once again turn green when you confirm an auto-generated title at the top of a Catalog page. A regression had caused the head to just disappear after confirmation.

  • While entering an email address in a text editor for a catalog object, typing the ‘@‘ symbol will no longer trigger the inline-mention box popping up. The box will now appear only when ‘@‘ is typed after whitespace.

  • Now, when editing a link in an article, labels and input boxes maintain the correct spacing. Previously, the URL and link text would get obscured by the labels for those fields in the popover.

  • Previously, on the Query Search page, you could hover over a link on some queries to see a “details” popover showing which tables were mentioned in a given query, but when you moved your mouse to click on those table links, the popover would close. Now it stays open so you can click on the links.

  • Now if you mouse over the Compose button on a Catalog Page on a Data Source where Compose is disabled, we’ll show a tooltip explaining why.  Previously there was no tooltip.

  • You can once again view Custom BI report pages. A regression introduced in 4.13.1, made those pages show up blank when the server type was not MicroStrategy.

  • Formatting is now respected for long Set-propagated titles which extends far to the right. Before the propagated title would overlap with the local title.

  • Users can now upload CSV files with non-ASCII (e.g. Cyrillic) characters to data dictionary.

  • And we fixed a bug where loading more results in Quick Search did not work if the browser window was very large.

Admin Release Notes

We’ve improved our API documentation to be more readable, accurate, and up-to-date, and fixed a couple bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • Alation supports QLI for Hive using Tez execution engine. This support is now generally available after a successful Beta release.

  • Query Log Ingestion for DB2 sources now handles queries longer than 30 minutes. Previously, QLI would fail if queries of such a long duration were in the log.