Customizable Homepage

Homepage is where users land after signing in to Alation. Its purpose is to facilitate the discovery of the Catalog content and to simplify navigation. Homepage can also be accessed any time by clicking the logo in the top left corner of the Alation application.

The homepage features quick links to prioritized and curated content and to various Alation tools, such as Compose, Search, or the new Article editor.

Homepage is enabled by default and can be customized by a Server Admin in Admin Settings > Catalog Admin section > Customize Homepage to better suit the users’ needs.

Default vs Customized Homepage


Some pages in Alation may be restricted by permissions, such as, for example, private Articles, private Sources, or unpublished Queries. If such restricted-access objects are linked to the Homepage, most users will not be able to view them and will run into the “Insufficient Permissions” error when they click the corresponding links. It is recommended to avoid adding links to restricted-access objects to the Homepage.