Viewing NoSQL Schemas in Virtual Data Sources

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

On how to create a NoSQL Virtual Data Sources (VDS) in Alation, see: Virtual Data Source for NoSQL Databases.

On how to upload schemas in JSON or Avro formats using the NoSQL API, see NoSQL API documentation on Alation’s Developer Portal.

After you have uploaded your schema(s) to a NoSQL VDS, they will have their dedicated catalog pages in Alation under this data source. The NoSQL VDS structure has the following nested levels:

  • Folder

  • Collection

  • Schemata

  • Data Objects (JSON) or Data Types (Avro)

Folder Level

The folder level is the top-level that appears under Contents on your VDS page. You can upload one or multiple folders to your NoSQL VDS:



The top-level FOLDER nests one or multiple COLLECTIONS:


Collection Level

Drilling down into a Folder, you will see the list of nested collections:



A COLLECTION nests schemas. If you define the schemas with JSON, Alation will display the metadata as a structure of data objects.

If you define your metadata using the Avro format, schemas will be represented as a structure of Avro data types.


Schema Level

Drill into a Collection to open the list of uploaded Schemas:



A Schema is the SCHEMATA level of the metadata you are loading using the NoSQL API. This is the property that hosts the data objects or Avro data types of your metadata.


Complex data types are expandable and include nested data types on lower levels:


You can drill down into each Schema to view nested data objects or data types.