Alation Analytics V1


This section is for Alation Analytics Version 1 (V1) that was introduced in release V R3 (5.6.x). Please see Alation Analytics V2 for information about Version 2 (V2) available from release 2020.3.

Alation Analytics is a PostgreSQL database that surfaces catalog usage data to enable governance officers and analysts to implement better adoption and drive value at their company by exploring ways users interact with the data. The foundation of Alation Analytics is the Alation Analytics Data Source, which retrieves data from the main application database supporting the Alation server.

The Alation Analytics Data Source has a curated set of raw usage data that enables users to:

  • Explore catalog usage scenarios;

  • Obtain data on Users working with the catalog and on pages they are visiting;

  • Obtain data on Alation Objects and pull their curated catalog content;

  • Measure the volume of contributions to the catalog;

  • Reveal the most popular or unpopular catalog resources, - and much more.

To give a few examples, Alation Analytics can provide comprehensive answers to questions such as:

  • Who are the top catalog users at your company?

  • What do the top catalog users do most often?

  • How many users have composed queries or written articles?

  • Which data source and which table are the most or least popular?

  • Which Alation object is the most heavily used?

Alation Analytics must be enabled by the Server Admin to be available to users.