How to Change the Base URL

This article provides steps for changing the Alation Base URL.

The Base URL is a value in alation_conf that can be changed like other values.  Alation uses this value to determine which URL is used for internal web services calls, and what value to display when users log in.  You may need to change the base_url if you set up or disable https or if you make a DNS change.

IP change/change IP/restore VM snapshot

If you restore an Alation instance from a VM snapshot and have a new IP for the virtual machine, or otherwise change the server IP address, you need to change the base_url value to match the new IP.

Change Base URL

To change the Alation Base URL:

  1. Check the current Base URL value from the Alation shell:

    sudo /etc/init.d/alation shell
    alation_conf alation.install.base_url
  1. Change the old value to the new value. Include the http :// or https :// (depending on the SSL setting) when entering the new value:

    alation_conf alation.install.base_url -s <new_value>
  2. Confirm the new value.

    alation_conf alation.install.base_url
  3. Restart the web processes.

    alation_supervisor restart web:uwsgi