Hive with AWS Glue Metastore

There are a few specific steps in setting up a Hive data source with the metastore on AWS Glue.

Hive with AWS Glue Metastore uses Default Hive.


AWS Glue Data Catalog can be configured with multiple Hive instances. Currently, filtering is not available in the AWS Glue catalog for the different instances that are connected. It is recommended to configure one AWS Glue account for a Hive instance.


Confirm that Alation can reach your server on the following port. The default port is 10000. There is no port for AWS Glue.

Metadata Extraction

The extended metadata extracted includes the following: Owner information, Table Location, and Created Time.

If MDE fails with an exception “Error Serializing dbobjects: The security token included in the request has expired”, check the values you provided for the Access Key ID and Access Key Secret both should be valid. This type of error is caused by expired Access Key ID and Access Key Secret. Ensure that the user account needs to be active for existing users.

If a user deletes the access key by mistake, generate a new access key:

  1. Log in to the AWS Portal.

  2. Click IAM then click Users.

  3. Select your user and click Create Access Key. If the user is not present on the AWS portal,  then, select the option Add User and select Programmatic access which will generate the Access Key ID and the Access Key Secret.


The service account should have SELECT grants on the Hive tables to profile.