Alation Versions

Throughout the Alation documentation, you may see references to various Alation versions or releases (the terms are used interchangeably). You can find the release and build numbers of your Alation instance from the About This Instance page accessible from the Alation help menu in the upper right corner of the Alation instance:


Select About this Instance to view the release and build information:


Early Alation versions used a simple form of semantic versioning, as in Alation 3.9 and the Alation 4.x.x releases. For version 5, the 5 was expressed as V followed by a release designation (VR4, VR5, VR6, VR7). The older style release designation was visible as a section heading in the Release Notes (for example, Release 5.0.0). Beginning with release 2020.3, Alation versions were designated with a year and quarter designation, with patch releases indicated by an additional digit, such as 2020.3.1. Beginning with release 2023.1, cloud releases moved to a monthly cadence, with major customer-managed releases moving to a twice-yearly cadence. Monthly releases now have the form xxxx.y.z, where xxxx is the year, y is the latest major release, and z is the newest monthly revision, such as 2023.3.3. Additional patch releases are indicated by an additional digit, as in 2023.3.3.1.

Traces of the original semantic versioning still appear as part of the release build ID, which is visible, along with the version number, from the About This Instance page. Build IDs have been included at the beginning of each release’s Release Notes since release 2020.3, build