Comparing Versions in Query Version History

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Available from Version V R5 (5.9.x)

In Query Version History in Compose, you can compare major versions. A major version is a query version that was published.

Comparing Query Versions

To compare versions,

  1. In Compose, open Version History for a query by clicking More… on the upper right then clicking Version History.

  2. The list of versions on the left will have the current query version selected. Select a different version if you want. The query version you select will be one for the versions for comparison.

  3. On the top toolbar, click Compare. The Compare Versions dialog will open.

  4. From the list of versions, select the second version you want to compare. The name of the version you have selected previously will be disabled.

    Comparing Versions


    Compare Dialog

  5. In the dialog, click Compare. The diff view of the two versions will open, and the differences will be highlighted with color.

Diff View

The diff view always shows what is added or removed since the time of the oldest of the selected versions, so it does not matter in which order you select the versions for comparison.

The top toolbar of the diff view area will tell you which versions are being compared. New additions are highlighted in green. Deleted parts are highlighted in red and crossed out.

Which Versions are Compared?


Actions Available to Authors in Diff View

As the query author, you will notice that there are actions available to you on the Diff view. The type of action will depend on the version you have selected first in the Version History viewer.

  • If you have selected the most recent, or Current, version that has unpublished edits, you will have the Republish action.

  • If you have selected an older major version, you will have the Restore action available right from the diff.

For details on republishing and restoring, see Query Version History (Beta).

Diff View Toolbar, when the current version with unpublished edits is selected first, Republish is available:


Diff View Toolbar, when on older version is selected first, Restore is available: