Export and Download Query Results

The topics in this section explain how to export and download your query results from Compose into various formats.

Anytime you run a query, a limited set of the results is automatically saved on a temporary basis. You can download these limited saved results from various places in the catalog.

To get more data in your results, you can export the query results instead. Exports are limited to 100 million rows, giving you a potentially much larger data set. Query results can be exported to a file in CSV, TSV, pipe-delimited, or XLSX format or exported directly into Tableau or Plot.ly.

With the Excel Live Reports feature, you can link a query to an Excel spreadsheet. Spreadsheet users can then execute the query and get the latest results directly in their spreadsheet.

See one of the following topics for more information:

These features may be enabled or disabled by an Alation administrator. See Manage Access to Data Export and Download.