Enabling Agile Approval

Versions V R4 (5.8.x) and V R5 (5.9.x)

Agile Approval can be enabled and disabled in Admin Settings > Labs by users with the Server Admin role.


Starting from version V R6 (5.10.2), the Agile Approval feature is available by default and does not require to be enabled.

For details on Agile Approval, see Enrolling Articles in Agile Approval.

Turning Agile Approval On

To enable Agile Approval,

Go to Admin Settings > Labs and toggle the Agile Approval switch on. The feature will now be available to users.

Agile Approval adds the following functionality to Articles in Alation:

  • Ability to enroll each article into the Agile Approval workflow

  • Ability to assign Reviewers to articles by users with Can Edit level of access

  • Approval statuses Requires Review or Approved for articles enrolled in Agile Approval

  • Notifications on changes to articles and their status to Reviewers.


Turning on Agile Approval adds a field called Reviewers to the article template. If a custom field with the identical name already exists in your catalog, it is recommended that you rename your custom field to avoid confusion.

Turning Agile Approval Off

It is possible to turn Agile Approval off. Turning this feature off will hide the corresponding functionality from Alation:

  • the Agile Approval workflow will not be available for individual articles

  • Reviewers field will be hidden from article pages

  • Review tasks will be removed from Assigned to Me in Inbox.

  • Agile Approval notifications in Inbox will be deactivated.

If the feature is turned back on later, the functionality will be restored:

  • Articles which had Agile Approval turned on will have it back and will return to Requires Review status

  • Reviewers field will be restored on article catalog pages

  • New Review tasks will be sent to Reviewers’ Inbox

  • New notifications will be issued for articles requiring approval