Release Notes 4.6.0

We’ve expanded and continue to invest in our BI integrations


We support lineage in Microstrategy. For Microstrategy reports that we extract and index in Alation, you can view lineage to the source table.


We launched our Tableau integration a few months ago and many of our customers are seeing the value in adding governance and clarity to their Tableau usage. We fixed the following bugs to make the experience using the Tableau & Alation experience better:

  • You can now search for Tableau objects by site and/or project names in advanced search.

  • Tableau lineage now works for private Tableau data sources where the data source is joining two tables from different databases.

  • Users can no longer view workbooks they don’t have view permission on in the Tableau server page.

  • Tableau servers will now appear in the Catalog Navigator on the left-hand side.

General BI improvements

  • Objects that are deleted from the source BI tool will be removed from search in Alation after the next metadata extraction.


  • Articles can now be shared with groups. Previously you could only share articles with users.

  • You will now only see published queries in the Catalog Browser in the left-hand navigation.

  • We now truncate text type columns when profiling tables of a Teradata data source. Previously, tables with very long text values could cause a profiling failure because Teradata has an internal limit on the allowed size of returned rows.

Bug Fixes

  • Columns will now be updated in search in near real-time. Previously, changes to column metadata would not be reflected in search until the following Monday.

  • Conversations associated with an article now inherit permission settings from that article. You can no longer search for or view conversations associated with a private article.

  • The Glossary page now correctly sorts by title. Previously, the sort order was wrong in some cases.

  • We fixed data source parsing errors when the database is a SQL server. The table no longer displays as a temp table in the lineage.

Admin Release Notes


  • For virtual data sources, you can now import metadata from ER/Studios to create the structure in Catalog.

Bug Fixes

  • Profiling now authenticates correctly when Hive is configured with keytab authentication

  • You can now enter any URL for Hive Query Log Ingestion. Previously, the URL had to start with http.