Add Hive Data Sources to Alation

Follow this checklist:

  1. Open the ports that apply: Ports for Hive.

  2. Make sure you have done the preliminary configurations that apply to your Hive instance: Pre-configurations.

  3. Make sure you have set up the Hive service account and granted the required permissions to this account: Database Service Account.

  4. If using configuration-based Hive, make sure it is enabled on your instance: Enabling Configuration-Based Hive.

  5. If using configuration-based Hive framework, follow the steps in: Configuration-Based Hive.

  6. For default Hive, see Default Hive.

Hive Built-In Driver Known Issue


If you connect to Cloudera, the default JDBC driver for Hive will fail during configuration. The JDBC driver cannot be changed until after the connection is established. To resolve this issue, you will have to change the default driver to the following driver in the list of drivers on the Settings page:

Ports for Hive

Section applies to both configuration-based and default Hive.

  1. Required Ports

    Make sure you have opened the firewall ports that apply to your Hive configuration for Alation:

    • Port 10000 to Hive Server

    • Port 9083 to Hive Metastore server

    • Port 50070 or 9870 to WebHDFS server

      • The default WebHDFS port depends on the Hadoop version and distribution. For Hadoop 2.x, the default WebHDFS port is 50070. For Hadoop 3.x, in some of the distributions, the default WebHDFS port may be 9870. For example, in the latest CDH distribution, the default WebHDFS port is 9870.

    • Port 14000 to HttpFS server, if using HttpFS

    • Port 1006 on datanodes. WebHDFS requests are redirected to it.

  1. Ports for Kerberos

    If using Kerberos authentication, open:

    • TCP/UDP port 88 to all Kerberos servers involved in the authentication chain.


      Using Kerberos authentication requires pre-configuration. If you have not done Kerberos preconfiguration yet, refer to the section Configuring Kerberos for Data Source Authentication. Hive setup will fail if you select Kerberos in Hive settings, without completing this preconfiguration first.

  2. Ports for Apache Knox

    If using Apache Knox, open:

    • Port 8443 for Knox connections.


Section applies to both Configuration-Based and Default Hive.

User Impersonation

Before enabling user impersonation, have your Hadoop admin add the following properties to the Hadoop Cluster’s core-site.xml file:

  • hadoop.proxyuser.<service account username>.hosts=*

  • hadoop.proxyuser.<service account username>.groups=*

After this is done, if User Impersonation is required, it can be enabled for this data source on the Settings page.


Connection to Kerberized data sources in Alation requires pre-configuration. Make sure you have performed Kerberos configuration for your Alation instance before you add any Kerberized data sources to the catalog.


For Hive data sources, Alation supports authentication using several security applications. Some of them have configuration specifics, others do not.


Knox is supported for Metadata Extraction (MDE) and Query Log Ingestion (QLI), replacing the Hive server URI with the Knox Server URI in the data source configuration.

For the configuration-based Hive, MDE will not be proxied by Knox and will go through the Metastore.

Apache Ranger

If using Ranger, make sure you fulfill the requirement for the service account. See Using Apache Ranger.

Apache Zookeeper

(No specific requirements)

Blue Talon

(No specific requirements)

Database Service Account

We recommend that you create a Hive service account for Alation before adding the Hive data source to the catalog. The Hive service account that Alation will use to connect requires several permissions for the automated Metadata Extraction (MDE), Data Profiling, and Query Log Ingestion (QLI) jobs to run successfully. See the tables below for specific grants required for each data job.

Using Apache Ranger

If using Apache Ranger, ensure that the service account has SELECT permissions on all schemas and access to the Metastore.


Plain vanilla Hive environment without authentication

No requirements

Kerberized Hive instance

  • SELECT privileges

  • We recommend creating the service account in the same realm as the one used by Hive users.

Data Profiling

Plain vanilla Hive environment without authentication

No requirements

Kerberized Hive instance

  • SELECT privileges

Depending on your Hive authorization configuration use one of the methods:

  • Storage Based ACLs Service account needs READ access to all DB folders/files that need to be sampled.

  • SQL Based ACLs Grant SELECT on DBs and tables that need to be sampled to service account.

Query Log Ingestion

We need the following for automated Hive QLI:

  • Service account needs READ permission to Job History Logs directory on HDFS.

  • If your configuration is Hive on HDP + Tez, give the service account READ_EXECUTE permission for directory /ats/done on your HDP cluster.