Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

In releases up to V R6 (5.10.x), you can confirm or discard auto-titles directly in a catalog page of a data object. Confirmation or rejection on the catalog page does not get transferred to the Lexicon and only has an immediate effect on the page where it is applied. However, starting with V R7 (5.12.x), you can teach ALLIE to make better guesses by confirming or discarding the auto-titles either directly on the catalog page (all user roles) or on the Lexicon page. Updates will apply after the next Lexicon job is run.

Confirming Auto-Titles

Confirm an auto-suggested title if ALLIE’s guess is correct. Your confirmation increases confidence for the abbreviation-expansion match. Next time ALLIE finds a similar combination of abbreviations in data object names, it will suggest titles with greater confidence.

To confirm an auto-title,

  1. Hover over a title with the robot head indicator to reveal the Confirm and Reject icons in a popup. The title of the parent object can be located either under the object name on top of the catalog page; and the titles of child objects are in the Title column of the child objects table.

Parent object title:


Child object titles:

  1. Click Confirm to confirm the title. You will notice that the robot head icon turns green. Green indicates that this is now a confirmed title:



Assuming there is more than one expansion for an abbreviation, the expansion with the highest confidence score will be used by ALLIE to suggest the next auto-title. The next time ALLIE finds this abbreviation in data object names, it will use the expansion with a greater confidence score to suggest a title.

Rejecting Auto-Titles

You can reject auto-titles that are incorrect guesses. This will lower the confidence score for the abbreviation-expansion matches used to generate this title.

To reject an auto-title,

  1. Hover over a title with the robot head indicator to reveal the Confirm and Reject icons in a popup:

  1. Click the Discard icon to reject the auto-title. The suggested title will be removed as well as the robot head icon.

  2. After you have discarded an auto-title, consider providing a new title for this data object. To title, click the Edit icon that appears when you hover over the title field:

  1. The Title field will become editable and you can provide a new comprehensive title: