Viewing Articles in the Business Glossary View

Applies to releases before V R5 (5.9.x)

In addition to viewing your articles in the sidebar, you can also view articles in the Business Glossary view. You can use the Business Glossary if you want to see a high-level list of your articles. While in the sidebar you can see the title and contributor of an article. In the Business Glossary you can see custom fields. This allows you to quickly scan the contents of an article without opening it.

You can access this page by clicking on Glossaries: Business Glossary on the top bar. You can also access the page directly at <>.

  1. Navigate to the Business Glossary page and click Settings.

  2. Select which Custom Fields you want to view as columns in your glossary.

  3. Click the wrench and select a Custom Template in the Business Glossary.

  4. Select which fields you want to view the pencil: