Reset LDAP Bind Password Using CLI (version 4.5—5.4)

This article explains how to reset the LDAP Bind password if it is forgotten, or it you want to set a new password. This functionality is supported starting from Alation version 4.5.

Resetting the LDAP Bind Password

To reset the LDAP Bind password,

  1. Sign into the Alation shell as the administrator.

  2. Change to the /opt/alation/bin/ directory.

  3. Run the following script: alation_ldap_bind_password_reset

  4. You are asked to enter a password; this is where you enter the new password.

The password is changed. By default, the old encrypted password is stored in /tmp/previous_ldap_bind_password. Note that this path can be changed by using -b or the --backup_location flag.

Successful Completion

The above steps are considered successful if:

  • You can log into the LDAP Bind using the new password.