OCF Connector for Google BigQuery Release Notes

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

May 29, 2024

Google BigQuery OCF Connector: Version 1.3.4

Fixed Issues

Connector Displays a NullPointerException for Policy Violation Exception

When extracting error messages due to a policy violation, the connector displays a NullPointerException instead of a proper error message.

Now, a proper error message with description and hint is displayed in the connector user interface. (AL-157243)

April 29, 2024

Google BigQuery OCF Connector: Version 1.3.3

Fixed Issues

Connector Fails to Extract BigQuery Source Comments for Struct and Record Column Types

Google BigQuery OCF connector fails to extract BigQuery parent source comments for Struct and Record Column Types.

The issue is fixed. You can now view the BigQuery parent source comments along with child source comments. (AL-152786)

March 27, 2024

Google BigQuery OCF Connector: Version 1.3.2


Help Text Update in the Test Access and Fetch Datasets Section

In the new Admin User Interface for Google BigQuery OCF connector, the help text for Test access and fetch datasets step in the General Settings tab has been updated to inform that the permission checks are only performed at the Project level and at not any other resource levels. (AL-144371)

Fixed Issues

QLI Volume Check Displays Warning Even for Unsupported Regions During Access Check

The QLI volume check displays a warning message even when the User or Service Account configured in the data source configuration has all the required permissions. For example, this can happen when Google BigQuery users select non-GBQ regions from other cloud providers such as AWS or Azure.

Now, the QLI volume check skips all errors except for missing permission issues from regions supported in Google BigQuery.(AL-145878)

Properties Section of Catalog Page Fails to Display the External Table URL

The Properties section of the connector Catalog page doesn’t display the external table URL.

Now, the Properties section displays the external table URL. (AL-143448)

Data Sampling Results Display Incorrect Result Set for Struct Column Types

Data sampling displays incorrect column values in the result set on the tables.

Now, accurate result sets are displayed for Struct column types. (AL-87719)

January 24, 2024

Google BigQuery OCF Connector: Version 1.3.0

Compatible Alation Version - 2023.1 or higher


With Alation version 2023.3.4 and Google BigQuery OCF connector version 1.3.0, Alation has introduced an enhanced user interface for configuring the Google BigQuery data source settings.


The connector version is compatible with Alation versions prior to 2023.3.4. However, you will view the old user interface with Alation versions prior to 2023.3.4.

The documentation for the new Google BigQuery experience is available at : Google BigQuery OCF Connector

The enhanced user interface provides the following features:

Better User Experience

The enhanced Google BigQuery user interface provides better navigation and multiple visual cues, making it easy to configure and manage Google BigQuery data source.

Easy to Connect

The Google BigQuery user interface now provides a step-by-step process to connect to your Google BigQuery data source easily and quickly.

Additional Error-Prevention Checks

The Google BigQuery user interface now includes added checks to avoid obvious configuration mistakes. The user interface also includes text to assist and provide cues while configuring.

Detailed Error Reports and Troubleshooting Support

The improved Google BigQuery user interface makes troubleshooting easier for metadata extraction and query log ingestion, as you can now have a detailed error report for both processes. The report contains a detailed error description and steps to resolve the issue.

December 06, 2023

Google BigQuery OCF Connector: Version 1.2.3

Compatible Alation Version - 2022.3 (Patch version: 13.4.7) or higher


Google BigQuery Connector Uses Service Account During Sampling

Google BigQuery Connector now uses a service account while performing dynamic sampling with OAuth setup using the Compose tab.