Upgrade the Agent

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

To upgrade an Alation Agent (Agent) installation to a newer version:

  1. On the Agent host machine, check the installed Agent’s version by running:

    hydra version

    The version number will be in the first line of the output.

  2. Go to the Alation Customer Portal. If prompted, log in.

  3. If a newer version of the Agent is available in the Version column of the Alation Customer Portal, proceed with the upgrade.

  4. In the Alation Customer Portal, select the latest available version for the desired operating system:

    • RHEL for Red Hat-based systems

    • DEBIAN for Debian-based systems


    The Agent will download to your computer as a tar.gz file named ocf-agent-<agent-version>-<operating-system>.tar.gz.

  5. If needed, transfer the downloaded file to the Agent’s host machine. For example, if you downloaded the Agent file to a Unix-based machine, you could transfer the file using the scp command in Terminal:

    scp /local/path/to/ocf-agent-<agent-version>-<operating-system>.tar.gz <ssh-user>@<server-address>:/remote/path/to/ocf-agent


    If you already have an ocf-agent directory on the Agent machine, remove or rename it so its old files won’t interfere with the current process.

  6. On the Agent’s host machine, extract the .tar.gz file. Example:

    tar -xf ocf-agent-<agent-version>-<operating-system>.tar.gz

    The Agent installation files are extracted into an ocf-agent directory.

  7. Change into the ocf-agent directory.

    cd ocf-agent

    Then check the name of the installation file.


    It should be named something like ocf-agent-<version>.deb or ocf-agent-<version>.rpm.

  8. Run one of the following commands, replacing “<agent-install-file>” with the file name of the Agent installer you downloaded.

    On a Debian-based machine:

    sudo dpkg --install <agent-install-file>

    On a Red Hat-based machine:

    sudo rpm -Uvh <agent-install-file>
  9. If you’re upgrading the Agent as part of an upgrade to Alation 2022.4 running on Alation’s cloud native architecture, you may also need to update the Agent configuration file. See Update the Agent’s Address Configuration.

  10. Restart the Agent by copying the provided command and running it on the Agent’s host machine.

    sudo systemctl restart hydra

    The upgrade process is complete when the Agent is done restarting.

  11. Verify the upgraded Agent’s version by running:

    hydra version

    The version number will be in the first line of the output.