Azure Power BI Scanner OCF Connector: Dataflows

Dataflows create reusable transformation logic that many datasets and reports inside Power BI can share. It promotes the reusability of underlying data elements, preventing the need to make separate connections with your cloud or on-premise data sources.

PowerBI Dataflows are cataloged as BI Datasource objects in Alation, and Dataflow fields as BI Datasource columns.


Dataflows with the following scenarios are cataloged in Alation:

  • Datasets connected to dataflow will have associated dataflow in the overview page with fields and no connections. It can have a table from dataflow and also from a direct connection.


    Lineage generated is available till the dataset and dataflows will not be included. Lineage will be shown between a Dataset and report for Datasets that are created from a Dataflow. Automated lineage graph does not currently show the Dataflow object.

  • Datasets with direct connection and a dataflow connected to it.

    • Report connected to a dataset.

    • Hybrid datasets can have a direct connection and multiple dataflows connected to them.

  • Power BI dataflows with direct connection. In this scenario, the dataflow catalog will have values on the Overview, Fields, and Connections tab on the catalog page.

  • Nested dataflows are supported across workspaces. These dataflows will not have connections; instead, they will show a parent dataflow from which this dataflow is derived. The maximum depth supported is 32.

  • Hybrid dataflows can have a direct connection and also have multiple dataflows connected to it.