Driver Fixer

Available from version V R4 (5.8.x)


The basic usage is:

java -jar driver-fixer-0.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar -i <input_file.jar> -o <output_name.jar>




-i, --input

Path to the input driver file. Required

-o, --output

Path to the output file. Must be different from the input file. Required if not in dry-run mode.


Overwrite the output file if it already exists.


Don’t write an output file; only check whether the input file has any problems.

-h, --help

Print help information


The default location of the driver fixer .jar driver-fixer-0.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar is in:

  • /opt/alation/django/connector/tools inside the Alation shell

  • /opt/alation/alation/opt/alation/django/connector/tools outside of the Alation shell.

Before running the command make sure you are in the correct location. See Path.


The driver fixer runs in the Java 11 runtime. Make sure the java in the path points to Java 11. Run the command from inside the Alation shell. Substitute <version> with the actual version you find in the java directory.

sudo /opt/java/amazon-corretto-<version>-linux-x64/bin/java -jar <path to driver-fixer-0.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar> -i <path to input_file.jar> -o <path to output_name.jar>


sudo /opt/java/amazon-corretto-<version>-linux-x64/bin/java -jar /opt/alation/django/connector/tools/driver-fixer-0.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar -i /opt/tmp/ -o /opt/tmp/

Note that the driver fixer command can be run from outside the Alation shell too. The path to the java directory is different inside or outside the shell:

  • Inside the Alation shell: /opt/java/amazon-corretto-<version>-linux-x64/bin/java

  • Outside of the Alation shell: /opt/alation/alation/opt/java/amazon-corretto-<version>-linux-x64/bin/java

Output Path Permissions

Make sure the current user has the write access to the output path (specified by -o). In production, you may have to change the user to alation to write the output to /opt/alation/django/connector/tools. To switch the user:

sudo su alation

By default, the driver fixer does not overwrite an existing output file. This can be overridden using the --force parameter. Additionally, the program makes sure that the output file is different from the input file so that it does not overwrite the original driver.

Output File Name

The output file name must follow this pattern: dbtype-driver-<major>.<minor>.<patch>.jar.

Example: cassandra-driver-1.1.2.jar

Change the Permissions

After the .jar is fixed, change the owner to alation with:

chown alation:alation <fixed-driver>.jar

Move the Fixed Driver to Alation

The fixed driver must be present at /opt/alation/site/site_data/custom_drivers so that it can be loaded by TaskServer and Connector and picked up by the Alation user interface. See Move the Fixed Driver to Alation.