Alation Analytics QUERY INDEX


All these queries are for Alation Analytics Version 1 (V1). Please see Alation Analytics V2 for information about Version 2 (available from release 2020.3). Also note that sample queries for Version 2 are included into the package and will be available as query objects in the Alation Catalog after Version 2 is installed and initialized. You can find the queries referenced in the Description of the schema Public.

Alation Analytics Sample Queries

Article includes several short queries helping understand the Alation Analytics database:

  • Users and Groups: Who Works With Alation and Which Group They Are In

  • Catalog Browsing: Most Popular Objects (Count of Visits)

  • Articles: Who and How Many

  • Running Queries: Who

  • Understanding Alation Analytics

AA Query Contribution Summary by Group

Use this query to find out how Alation users in your organization are contributing to their Alation instance summarized by the Group they belong to.

Understanding Analytics Object Queries

Article describes ways to build queries about objects and includes such examples as:

  • Object Types By Frequency

  • All Tables and Their Fields

  • Custom HSTORE Fields for Tables

  • Titles and Descriptions For Tables

  • Table Objects Hierarchy

  • Retrieving Custom Fields For Articles

  • Joining Users

Understanding Alation Analytics Article fields

Article includes a sample query that retrieves all fields for Articles.

Active And Inactive Users

This query retrieves Alation users and marks them as  active  or  inactive  based on the number of days since their last visit.

All Objects With and Without Stewards

This query retrieves all objects with Stewards. Any objects without Stewards have null values.

All Stewards

This query produces a list of unique Alation objects that have Stewards assigned to them.

All Tableau Objects

This query retrieves all Tableau objects in the catalog.

All Tableau Workbook Attributes

This query retrieves selected attributes for Tableau workbooks.

Article Visits

This query retrieves visits to Articles by day.

Articles From the Last 30 Days

This query finds articles created in the last 30 days.

Attribute Values

This query allows you to analyze all the attribute values (real data rather than metadata) and whether they are titled or not.

Data Source Names

This query lists all database object uuids, object URLs, and dbnames.

Compose Query Each Day

This query retrieves total and distinct number of Compose queries by day.

Curation progress (Titles and Descriptions Only)

This query produces curation progress report for all objects with or without stewards.

Specific Object Fields

Alation Analytics. This query shows what are the values for each of the fields for a given object, as seen in Alation Analytics.

Flagging Activity

Includes two versions:

  • a full query that retrieves information on which users are setting flags and when plus the information if this user is assigned as Steward on the flagged data object.

  • a simplified query that produces a day resolution time series indicating number of flags set by a user on a given object type

Full Data Dictionary

This query shows the parent objects for all objects of the types: column -> table -> schema.

Who Has Accessed Alation

This query shows how many people have logged in, joined, or have active accounts in Alation.

Objects by Number of Users Visiting

This query returns visit counts for Alation objects and includes title, object URL, and object type information.

Object Visits

This query retrieves all Alation object visits by day.

Server and Catalog Admins

Query to identify Server and Catalog Admins.

Shared Queries

Query lists queries (ID, URL) that are shared with other users.

Tableau Object Visits

This query retrieves visits to all Tableau objects by day.

Tables in Alation With Pivot

The query shows how to retrieve certain fields and values belonging to tables.

Stewards Titles and Descriptions Tables

This query retrieves Steward information for table objects and indicates if the object has a title and description.

Table Titles and Descriptions

This query indicates if table objects have Titles and Descriptions.

Top Users by Page Visits

This query to generates summary stats for the most active users of all time (based on most pages visited) inside of Alation.

Object Query Maker

A python script that generates a query that gives you all Alation objects of the specified type that have the fields called out in the script filled-in.