Agent Release Notes

See Alation Cloud Service Compatibility for information about which versions of Alation Cloud Service are supported by each version of the Agent. To get the latest Alation Agent features and fixes, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of the Alation Agent that’s compatible with your version of Alation Cloud Service.


Diagnostic Tool

Is your Agent in a disconnected state? We’ve added a new diagnostic tool to the Agent that will help you troubleshoot connectivity issues. See the Troubleshooting topic for details on working with the diagnostic tool.


Bug Fixes

We fixed an issue where the Agent was failing to close old network connections when establishing failover connections to Alation Cloud Service.


Improved Reliability

The Alation Agent now establishes multiple failover connections to Alation Cloud Service for improved uptime and performance.

Support for Basic Authentication with Proxy

The Alation Agent now works with HTTP CONNECT proxies that require basic authentication. On the Agent machine, edit the /etc/hydra/hydra.toml file to include the following line:

web_proxy = "<username>:<password>@<proxy-address>:<proxy-port>"

Replace the parts in angle brackets with the appropriate information for your proxy.

See the Agent installation instructions for more details on configuring the Agent to work with a proxy.

Bug Fixes

We fixed an issue where the Agent could sometimes report an ERROR.E1000, which would prevent connectors from being installed. Upgrading to version resolves this issue.


Compose Support

The Aalation Agent now supports Compose connections to on-premise data sources. This support includes:

  • Query execution in Compose

  • Query forms

  • Scheduled queries

  • Excel live reports

  • Data upload

Compose Compatibility with the Agent

In order to use Compose with the Alation Agent, you must:

  • Be on Alation Cloud Service version 2022.4 or later.

  • Have Alation Agent version or newer installed. Agent version does not support Compose.

  • Have a supporting version of the relevant connector installed on the Agent. See the documentation for individual OCF connectors to find out if a particular connector can connect to Compose through the Alation Agent.


Multiple Agent Installations

Alation now supports multiple Alation Agent installations per cloud instance. Multiple Agents may be required if data sources are in different geographical locations, network segments, or security zones. A Server Admin for a cloud instance can now install Alation Agent multiple times to enable connection to on-premise data sources from the catalog.

Agent Enhancements

  • Users can now delete an Agent even when the certificate is revoked.

  • The default port of 80 for web_proxy is now honored by the Agent. Previously port 80 was incorrectly ignored and defaulted to 3128.