Configure the Data Source Connection

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

After you install the TIBCO Data Virtualization (TDV) OCF connector, you must configure the connection to the TDV data source.

The various steps involved in configuring the TDV data source connection setting are:

Provide Access

To set the data source visibility,go to the Access tab on the Settings page of your TDV data source, set the data source visibility using these options:

  • Public Data Source — The data source is visible to all users of the catalog.

  • Private Data Source — The data source is visible to the users allowed access to the data source by Data Source Admins.

You can add new Data Source Admin users in the Data Source Admins section.

Connect to Data Source

To establish the a connection to data source, you must:

Provide the JDBC URI


We recommend that you provide the values in the corresponding fields on the General Settings page instead of the JDBC URI field in the Datasource Connection section. Leave this field empty if all the connection properties you need are available in the user interface.

JDBC URI Format for Basic Authentication in Compose

Use the following JDBC URI format for basic authentication for Compose:

tdv://User=<username>;Password=<password>;Host=<host>;Domain=<domain>;DataSource=<data source>;

Configure Authentication

For metadata extraction (MDE), profiling and sampling, and query log ingestion (QLI), the connector supports Basic authentication.

  • Basic authentication (username and password)

    • Host

    • Domain

    • Service account username

    • Service account password

    • Data source name

    • User token (optional)


Currently, Alation does not support the SSL authentication for TDV OCF connection. However, if your connection is secured using SSL, you can specify the SSL certificate content for an SSL handshake.

Configure Basic Authentication

  1. On the Settings page of your TDV data source, go to the General Settings tab.

  2. In the Connector Settings section, provide the following details in the Authentication section.




    Specify the server name hosting the TDV Server


    Specify the port of the TDV server.


    Specify the TDV domain to which the data source belongs. The default value of Composite. The Composite domain includes users and groups defined within TDV to access TDV. TDV has predefined specific users and groups in the Composite domain which you can use and modify as appropriate.


    Specify the name of the TDV data source.


    Specify the service user name.


    Specify the service account password.


    Select to encrypt the connection using SSL.

    User Tokens

    Provide the authentication values that can be packaged for delivery.

Test the Connection

The connection test checks database connectivity.

After configuring authentication, test the connection.

To validate the network connectivity, go to General Settings > Test Connection of the Settings page of your TDV data source and click Test.

A dialog box appears confirming the status of the connection test.

Configure Additional Connection Settings

Apart from the mandatory configurations that you perform to connect to the data source on the General Settings tab, configure the following additional settings:


In the General Settings tab, leave the Additional data source connection field blank and skip the Disable automatic lineage generation toggle as these options are not applicable to the TDV OCF connector.

Configure Miscellaneous Settings

  1. On the Settings page of your TDV data source, go to the General Settings tab.

  2. In the Connector Settings section, provide the following details in the Misc section.



    Case Sensitive

    Select if you want to enable case sensitivity in request values.

    Commit Failure

    Not applicable

    Commit Interrupt

    Not applicable

  3. Click Save.

Disable Obfuscate Literals

You can hide literal values from queries ingested with query log ingestion and displayed on the Queries tab of a schema and table catalog objects.

Go to General Settings > Obfuscate Literals of the Settings page of your TDV data source and disable the Obfuscate literals toggle.

When enabled, literal values are substituted with placeholder values. Disable this option when you want literal values in queries to be visible to users.

By default, this option is disabled.

Configure Logging

To set the logging level for your TDV OCF data source logs, perform these steps:

  1. On the Settings page of your TDV OCF data source, go to General Settings > Logging configuration.

  2. Select a logging level for the connector logs and click Save.

    The available log levels are based on the Log4j framework.

You can view the connector logs in Admin Settings > Server Admin > Manage Connectors > Tibco DV OCF connector.