Backup V1 and Backup V2

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Depending on your Alation version, the Alation server uses different backup frameworks, known as Backup V1 and Backup V2:

  • Versions prior to 2020.3 use a backup framework known as Backup V1.

  • Version 2020.3 introduces a redesigned and improved backup framework—Backup V2. Backup V2 includes more features, such as incremental backups, the ability to manage Postgres backups separately from the Alation application backups, and improved backup validation and monitoring capabilities.


    In versions from 2020.3 to 2021.1, you can use either Backup V1 (default in these versions) or Backup V2. In these versions, Backup V2 can be enabled by an Alation Server Admin. See Enable or Disable Backup V2 for more details.

  • Starting in version 2021.2, Backup V2 is default. We do not recommend returning to Backup V1 in this and later versions.

Both Backup V2 and Backup V1 share these features:

With Backup V2, you have access to the following capabilities:

Backup process depends on the backup framework you are using—Backup V1 or Backup V2— and your Alation release. For information on the backup process, refer to: