Attribute Values


This query is for Alation Analytics Version 1 (V1).

This query allows you to analyze all the attribute values (real data rather than metadata) and whether they are titled or not.

with attributes_and_titles AS
  SELECT value_url, value_, title, O2.object_url AS parent_attribute, attribute_name, description, ts_created, ts_updated
            OFV.object_uuid, -- needed so we can group by it
            O.object_url  AS value_url,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='id'                  then integer_value end) AS id,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='title'               then text_value end) AS title,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='value'               then text_value end)  AS value_,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='attr_name'           then text_value end) AS attribute_name,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='description'         then text_value end) AS description,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='deleted'             then boolean_value::int end)::boolean AS deleted,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='ts_created'          then datetime_value end) AS ts_created,
            MAX(CASE WHEN field_name='ts_updated'          then datetime_value end) AS ts_updated
      FROM public.object_field_value AS OFV
        JOIN public.object_field     AS OF  ON OFV.field_id    = OF.field_id   -- so we can use the field name
        JOIN public.alation_object_type   AS OT  ON OT.object_type_id=OFV.object_type_id -- so we can use the object type by name
        JOIN public.field_value           AS FV  ON FV.value_fp      =OFV.value_fp       -- so we can get the field value
        JOIN public.alation_object        AS O   ON O.object_uuid    =OFV.object_uuid AND O.object_type_id=OFV.object_type_id
        JOIN public.object_parent_relationship AS P ON P.object_uuid=OFV.object_uuid AND P.object_type_id=OFV.object_type_id AND parent_object_type_id=1 -- only want to see parents of type attribute
        WHERE object_type_name = 'attribute_value' -- because the object_uuid is not global
        GROUP BY OFV.object_uuid, O.object_url, P.parent_object_uuid
  ) a_value
  JOIN public.alation_object O2 ON a_value.parent_object_uuid = O2.object_uuid AND O2.object_type_id=1 -- attribute
  WHERE deleted IS False
  ORDER BY ts_updated
SELECT * from attributes_and_titles; -- UNCOMMENT THIS IF YOU WANT THE WHOLE TABLE
--SELECT count(1), title is null AS empty_title from attributes_and_titles
--GROUP BY empty_title;
--SELECT * FROM attributes_and_titles WHERE attribute_name='iata' AND title is not null;
--SELECT parent_attribute, attribute_name, count(1) AS count FROM attributes_and_titles WHERE title is not null
--GROUP BY 1, 2
--ORDER BY count DESC;