Kerberos Configuration (General)

Kerberos needs to be configured to access Kerberized databases from Alation. Follow the below steps to configure Kerberos.

  • Edit etc/krb5.conf inside the Alation Shell. (From outside the Alation shell, the path to the file is /opt/alation/alation/etc/krb5.conf.)  Make sure that Default Realm, Domain-To-Realm map, KDC for the Realm are defined.

  • Run kinit followed by kvno to verify your changes. Provide the Database Service Principal name as the argument for kvno.

  • Commit the changes into Alation Conf by running alation_action copy_krb5_conf.

Run the below command to view the currently saved version of krb5.conf in Alation Conf.

alation_conf kerberos.config_raw