Enable Integration with Swagger (OAS 3.0 API Specifications)

Applies from release 2020.3 to release 2021.1

Newer APIs, added with release V R7 (5.12.x) and later, come with Open API Specifications (OAS) in the Swagger UI. The OAS 3.0 format provides an industry standard for API documentation, and the Swagger application allows you to create and test API requests directly from the spec.


The full list of APIs that have an OAS 3.0 specification are listed on the Open API Index page on Alation’s Developer Portal.

The OAS specifications can also be accessed on Alation’s official Developer Portal. The Developer Portal doesn’t let you send API requests directly from the spec, but it does help you construct requests in any of nineteen different programming languages. It also provides recipes and guides to help you figure out how to use the APIs effectively.

Enable Swagger

Starting with release 2021.2, integration with Swagger UI is enabled by default. Prior to 2021.2, the Swagger UI is controlled by the alation_conf parameter alation.feature_flags.enable_swagger. Set it to True to make the Swagger UI available on your Alation instance.

See Using alation_conf for help using the alation_conf command.