Alation’s IP Addresses for Allow Lists


This page only applies if you’re an Alation Cloud Service customer using our cloud native architecture, available from 2022.4.

This page contains a list of IP addresses that Alation Cloud Service’s cloud native architecture uses to communicate with external resources, such as data sources, over the public internet. Depending on your network security configuration, your IT or network administrator may need to add these IP addresses to an allow list so Alation can communicate with your network or data sources.

You will need to allow all the listed IP addresses. We use multiple IP addresses to provide redundancy and ensure availability, so traffic may come from any of the listed addresses.

These IP addresses may change over time without notice. This document will be updated when IP addresses are changed or added.

IP Addresses for the Americas

Alation Cloud Service’s cloud native architecture communicates from the following IP addresses in the Americas: