Multi-Catalog Support for Data Sources Like Presto

Applies from version 4.18.0

Presto Execution Engine support for Multiple catalogs

Added support for metadata extraction for Multiple catalogs, such as Linked Data source as well as Manual setup data source.

Currently Presto supports multiple data sources are as follows:

  • Hive

  • Mysql

  • PostgreSQL

  • Redshift

  • Teradata

This feature is enabled in alation_conf or using Labs/Feature Configuration.

In Labs/Feature Configuration, turn on the corresponding switch: Enable Presto Database Type with multiple catalogs:


Alternatively, you can enable this feature on the Alation Server backend from the Alation shell using the dedicated alation_conf command:

alation_conf alation.feature_flags.enable_datasource_presto_multicatalog -s True

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