Release Notes 4.5.0


  • Compose Performance: We are consistently working to improve Compose performance. In this release, we made a lot of behind the scenes improvements in order to enhance your experience and efficiency when using Compose.

  • Catalog Column Page: Catalog Column pages now have the same updated layout as Table Catalog pages.

  • Rich Metadata Displayed in Catalog: We now display new metadata for Table and Column Catalog pages. We display source comments imported from the database, keys & indices details. As well as exposing Table descriptions, table synonyms, and the “last altered” timestamp.

  • We’ve added support for a new authentication method on SQL Server


  • Hive & Tez: Alation can now accept query logs from the Tez execution engine to compute usage stats, identify top users, and more.

  • Tableau: Tableau workbooks endorsed in Alation are marked “certified” in Tableau Server

Bug Fixes

  • Alation now shows schemas in the catalog even if they have no tables for the following data source types: PostgreSQL, Teradata, Vertica, MySQL, SAP Hana, Snowflake

  • When a Tableau instance is removed from the Alation catalog, its reports are now removed from the Catalog sidebar

  • the Alation automatic update system no longer sends emails to the server’s system administrators

Admin Release Notes


  • If you are using LDAP Authentication, you can set up user groups in Alation using your existing LDAP groups.

  • As an admin, you can now manage the krb5.conf file in Alation through the UI

  • We’ve added Tags to Alation DB. This must be enabled via the command line.