Hive Tez Query Log Ingestion Setup

By default, Tez Query Log Ingestion (QLI) is disabled when Alation is installed. This article provides the steps for enabling Tez QLI.

The Tez execution engine generates its logs specified by the YARN timeline server properties (yarn.timeline-service.entity-group-fs-store.done-dir). Usually, this log can be found at  /ats/done.

Enabling Tez Query Log Ingestion

To enable Tez Query Log Ingestion on Alation:

  1. From the Alation server, run:

    sudo/etc/init.d/alation shell
    alation_conf alation.hive_qli.use_standard_qli -s True

    Wait for a minute for the settings to reflect.

  1. Go to the Hive data source Settings > Query Log Ingestion > Tez Folder HDFS Path.

  2. Set the path to  /ats/done (or whatever path you have set in your YARN timeline server properties)

  3. Click Import. This should start fetching the log files present in the HDFS path (/ats/done)

The import may take a few minutes, depending on the number of query logs present in the HDFS directory.


After the import is done, the query logs can be found in the Hive data source page > Schema > Queries tab > History.