Alation Portal: Support Regions

Use the table below to understand the mapping between the available support regions and time zones and to select the appropriate value.

Support Regions

Time Zone Mapping

APAC [GMT+5 to GMT+10]

  • (GMT+05:30) India Standard Time (Asia/Kolkata)

  • (GMT+06:00) Bangladesh Time (Asia/Dhaka)

  • (GMT+06:00) Yekaterinburg Time (Asia/Yekaterinburg)

  • (GMT+07:00) Indochina Time (Asia/Bangkok) (Asia/Ho Chi Minh)

  • (GMT+07:00) Western Indonesia Time (Asia/Jakarta)

  • (GMT+08:00) Australian Western Standard Time (Australia/Perth)

  • (GMT+08:00) Hong Kong Time (Asia/Hong Kong)

  • (GMT+08:00) Philippine Time (Asia/Manilla)

  • (GMT+09:00) Japan Standard Time (Asia/Tokyo)

  • (GMT+09:30) Australian Central Time (Northern Territory) (Australia/Darwin)

(GMT+10:00) Australian Eastern Time (New South Wales) (Australia/Sydney)

AMER West [GMT+12 to GMT-7]

(GMT+13:00) New Zealand Time (Pacific/Auckland)

(GMT-10:00) Hawaii-Aleutian Time (Pacific/Honolulu)

(GMT-07:00) Pacific Time (America/Los Angeles)

  • (GMT-06:00) Mountain Time (America/Denver)

  • (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (America/Phoenix)

(GMT-06:00) Central Time (America/El Salvador)

AMER East [GMT-5 to GMT-1]

  • (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (America/New York)

  • (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (America/Panama)

  • (GMT-05:00) Central Time (America/Mexico City)

  • (GMT-05:00) Central Time (America/Chicago)

(GMT-04:00) Chile Time (America/Santiago)

  • (GMT-03:00) Atlantic Time (America/Halifax)

  • (GMT-03:00) Brasilia Time (America/Sao Paolo)

  • (GMT-02:00) Brasilia Summer Time (America/Sao Paulo)

  • (GMT-02:00) South Georgia Time (Atlantic/South Georgia)

(GMT-01:00) Cape Verde Time (Atlantic/Cape Verde)

EMEA [GMT 0 to GMT+4]

  • (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time (Europe/Dublin) (Europe/London)

  • (GMT+00:00) Western European Time (Europe/Lisbon)

  • (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

(GMT+01:00) British Summer Time (Europe/London)

  • (GMT+02:00) Central European Time (Europe/Amsterdam)

  • (GMT+02:00) Central European Time (Europe/Paris)

(GMT+03:00) Moscow Time (Europe/Moscow)

(GMT+04:00) Gulf Time (Asia/Dubai)