Administrator Settings

The Admin Settings page is available to users with the Server Admin role. This is an admin portal for managing your Alation instance.

Pages that permit catalog customization can also be accessed by Catalog Admins who do not see the system settings.

The Admin Settings page provides:

  • User, group, and role management

  • LDAP authentication setup

  • Email service setup

  • System management (logging, reporting, enabling and disabling features, changing system settings)

  • User activity, system tasks, and system health monitoring

  • Catalog customization (access to custom fields, templates, and catalog sets)

  • Managing Lexicon

To open the Admin Settings page, sign in to Alation with Server Admin privileges. In the upper-right corner of the main toolbar, click the Admin Settings icon. This opens the Admin Settings page. Admin settings are grouped in four categories:

  • Server Admin

  • Catalog Admin

  • Monitor

  • Alation Analytics

Find the section you need and click the page name to open the corresponding tab: