Analytics Stewardship

My Stewardship Dashboard features reports designed for data governors to evaluate and prioritize curation efforts on the data sources they are supervising and, eventually, generate the maximum value out of their catalog. Alation captures and stores the history of modifications to the cataloged data objects.

The Curation Progress report is a weighted measure of the completeness of data catalog documentation that is intended to help Data Stewards in monitoring and managing the curation of data objects. The report displays the overall progress for each data environment in the catalog and makes it possible to drill down to the details for each data object, enabling you to prioritize the curation effort.

In releases up to V R6 (5.10.x), My Stewardship Dashboard has to be enabled in Labs. Starting with V R6, My Stewardship Dashboard is enabled by default and no longer present in Labs.

Up to version V R7 (5.12.x), My Stewardship Dashboard is available to users with any role wearing the Data Steward/Governance Officer hat. For more on hats, see Hats in Alation.

Starting with V R7, My Stewardship Dashboard is only available for some roles. See Roles Overview V R7 (5.12.x).