Release Notes 4.3.0


  • We now notify users by email when they are mentioned in the Stewards field or a custom people set field

Bug Fixes

  • Users are no longer blocked from logging in due to a CSRF issue when another application on the same domain writes invalid cookies

  • Compose performance is greatly improved when used for prolonged periods of time (previously, performance would degrade over time due to a memory leak)

  • The rich text editor toolbar now displays properly on Retina screens in Chrome 56

  • @-mentions now work in Safari

  • Adding an @-mention to an article no longer causes the page to scroll back to the top

  • The edit button for column titles listed on the table page now works again (regressed in 4.0.0)

  • Navigation dropdowns now display correctly on the Advanced Search page (previously they were hidden by the search bar)

  • We now cancel a Compose Export on the server side when the user cancels the download from their browser

  • We now retain the proper casing of object names in a case-sensitive DB2 data source

  • We no longer show a remove button next to items in “Top Users” that you can’t remove

  • When you remove yourself from being able to view an article, we now warn you that you will no longer be able to view that page

  • We no longer allow articles to be saved with no title or body

  • Users no longer get stuck on a “logging out…” message when using Internet Explorer

  • Microstrategy extraction now correctly calculates the number of reports to extract

  • We now restore deleted MicroStrategy projects in Alation when they are restored or replaced in MicroStrategy

  • We no longer fail to extract Tableau Data Sources when the metadata provided by Tableau is incomplete

Admin Release Notes


  • We now support load balanced Oracle URI configuration

  • We can now (on request) configure supported TLS protocol versions for customers

  • We can now (on request) disable Data Source Settings checks from running on page load

  • Admin users can now create new glossaries

  • We can now (on request) disable the data uploader globally or on specific data sources

  • Admins can now hide lexicon title guesses

Bug Fixes

  • We no longer pass user_group=’N’ condition on all Sybase metadata extraction queries

  • We now correctly authenticate users in Compose against Hive when the service account is configured to use Keytab authentication (previously we were using the service account Keytab for Compose users as well)