Starting August 30, 2023, we will remove the ability to create new data sources using the SAS Native Connector. Support for the SAS Native Connector will cease on December 1, 2023, as set out in Alation’s Support Policy. See the Transition from Native to OCF Connectors announcement in Alation Community (requires login to Community).

Required Information

To configure SAS in Alation, you will need the following information:

  • Hostname or IP address of your server

  • Port: 8591

  • Service account with privileges listed below



Firewall Configuration

Open outbound TCP port 8591 to SAS Workspace server.

SAS Workspace Server should be installed on your SAS server and Alation should be able to connect to the SAS Workspace Server.

Enable SAS Flag

Enable SAS flag in Alation shell, refer to Feature Flags For Data Sources.


Create Service Account

You will need to create an account on the SAS Workspace Server that supports host authentication. On how to define host-authenticated users, see, for example, Connecting to a Remote SAS Workspace Server Using SAS Objects in SAS documentation.

Metadata Extraction and Table Profiles

You will need to allocate the Base SAS Library to the SAS WorkSpace Server using the SAS Management Console. Instructions on allocation can be found at Allocate Libraries via SAS Management Console.

Query Log Ingestion

Not Supported