Default Server Health Alerts

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Starting from 2021.4.5

Alation enables a limited set of server health alerts by default. The default alerts are defined in the parameter alation.healthcheck.default_list in alation_conf. Normally this parameter only has one alert: [disk]. In addition, the DataDog agent will be enabled by default.

You can also enable a complete set of server health alerts. These alerts are defined by the parameter alation.healthcheck.alert_list in alation_conf. This parameter normally lists all of the available alerts: [ 'celery', 'oom', 'disk', 'job', 'postgres', 'es7_migration', 'backup', 'authserver', 'scan_postgres', 'alation_analytics_v2']. You can remove some of these alerts if you want.


The scan_postgres alert was added as a default alert in 2022.1.

The alation_analytics_v2 alert was added in 2023.1.

Whether you get the default list or the full list is controlled by the parameter alation.healthcheck.enable_admin_alert_checks in alation_conf:

  • If it’s set to False, you will get the alerts in alation.healthcheck.default_list.

  • If it’s set to True, you will get the alerts in alation.healthcheck.alert_list.

For definitions of the alerts and help enabling, disabling, or configuring them, see Configure Server Health Alerts for Administrators.