Create a Glossary and Add a Custom Field

Glossaries are collections of articles.  Glossaries only show articles with the designated template that is assigned to the glossary.  Any article that has the designated template associated with it will show up in the glossary.

Create a Glossary

Glossaries -> + Create Glossary

You must be an admin to create a glossary, create a template, or to create a custom field.

  1. Give the Glossary a name:

  2. Click the Settings icon in the upper right of the screen.

Associate the Article Templates with the glossary

Glossary -> Settings -> Settings

  1. Click the Settings icon in the top left, to select the article template(s) to be associated with the glossary:


    Only articles that have the template assigned will show in the glossary.

  2. Select the template(s) that will be included in this glossary:

  1. Add category columns and columns to the Glossary page.  Category columns cause the list of articles to sort by the values in that field.

Create the Custom Field

Admin -> Customize Catalog -> Custom Fields

  1. Scroll to find the type of field that you want to create and select the +Add link for the field, as shown in the example:

  2. Click the green checkmark to save

Add the Custom Field to the Template

Admin -> Customize Catalog -> Custom Templates

  1. Hover over the Template you want to change and click the wrench icon:

  2. Select the custom field from the list as shown in this example:


    The custom Data Classification field is being added to the template.

  3. Click the green check save box to save your changes.

Check to Make Sure the Field Shows up

  1. View an article where the template is associated and check to make sure that the custom field shows up.

  2. Click the Show Empty Fields button to make sure you see the field.

  3. Click the Glossary to see the list of articles. Each will now have the custom field: