Frequently Asked Questions about Catalog Sets

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

  • Is the wildcard match dependent on permissions or a specific browser?

Wildcard matches cannot be applied to column level sets (because the set calculation becomes too compute-intensive.) However, regex matches can be applied to Table and Schema sets. To implement it, create a Table or Schema set by selecting Tables or Schemas as the Object Type when creating the Catalog Set.


If you need to bulk apply metadata to columns in the data catalog, we recommend you use the Data Dictionary Uploader.

  • Is there a way to see all items included in the set?

Unfortunately, there is no way to see all items in a set, however, you can see the first 100 items to get an idea of what objects are being included in the set. Click the preview button to see the sample.

  • Is there a way to specify items and remove items in a set without some rule?

There isn’t a way to exclude or include specific objects from a set without the use of the rules. However, you can use regex matching to do this for Tables and Schemas.