Document Hubs

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Available in public preview from Alation version 2024.1

Document Hubs help your company organize long-form, written content related to your data. Document Hubs are available in:

  • Both Alation Cloud Service and customer-managed instances of Alation

  • Both the new and classic user experiences

For help with Document Hubs, see one of the following topics:

For information about how Document Hubs relate to Articles, Glossaries, and Terms, see Documentation.

For information about the Document Hubs roadmap and how to provide feedback, see below.


Included in Public Preview II:

  • Define document hubs in Classic or New User experience (admin roles only)

  • Publish document hubs for non-admin users

  • Unpublish document hubs

  • Create folder and document pages

  • Define workflows

  • Public APIs for Documents and Folders

  • Relevant Documents (backreference with @-mentioning of documents)

  • Document preview on the Alation homepage

  • Folder objects can be part of an object set

  • Breadcrumbs in document selection dialog

  • Stewardship Workbench

On the roadmap:

  • Improvements to Document Hubs integration with Alation Analytics

  • Deletion of empty document hubs

  • Domain propagation from folders to documents

  • Taxonomy (hierarchy)

  • Migration solution

  • Trust check flags

Providing Feedback on the Public Preview

Please use the Alation Customer Ideas Portal to submit your feedback on Document Hubs.

Select Document Hubs under Previews as your category when creating a new idea.

The Alation team will review and provide feedback to improve the experience. All statuses will adopt their standard meaning except:

  • On the Roadmap means we will plan to address within the General Availability timeframe or as a fast follow.

  • Future Consideration means we will consider in the future but it will not be part of General Availability.

  • If a suggestion is not under consideration for this initiative but may be for another initiative, the idea will be moved into a different category.

  • If a suggestion will not be considered across any category, it will be listed as Not Under Consideration.