Whitelist Connections for Alation Analytics V2

Alation Analytics V2 can be opened for access from 3rd party BI or querying tools. For these tools to connect to Alation Analytics V2, they need to be added to Whitelisted Connections on the Alation Analytics V2 data source Settings page. This will allow the service at a specific IP address to access the Alation Analytics V2 database. Note that you will need to provide your Alation Analytics V2 database access credentials to connect.

Alation Analytics Information for External Access

To connect to Alation Analytics V2 from a 3rd party BI tool, use the following information:

Connection Information


Database type



  • Same-host installation: URL of your Alation instance

  • Remote installation: IP address of the Alation Analytics V2 remote host

Database name


TCP Port


Access credentials

Your database access account credentials for Alation Analytics V2 in Alation


If you are working with Tableau, whitelist both the Tableau server and the client IP address of the Tableau desktop machine you are using Tableau on.

To whitelist the 3rd party BI or querying tools,

  1. Sign in to Alation and open the catalog page of the Alation Analytics V2 Data Source.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click More and then click Settings. The Data Source settings page will open.

  3. On the Access tab, in the Connections section, click Add Connection on top right of the Whitelisted Connections table:

  1. In the Add Connections dialog that opens, provide the Connection Name and IP address/FQDN in CIDR format (, then click Save and Restart. Whitelisting of a connection restarts the database.


After the new connection is saved, its status in Alation may be PENDING. When the status changes to ACTIVE, you can connect to Alation Analytics V2 from an external tool.