Alation Cloud Service Offerings

Alation Cloud Service (ACS) has several offerings to meet the needs of different organizations. All Alation Cloud Service options take advantage of our distributed, cloud-native architecture and provide enhanced performance, scalability, and security. The differences between the offerings are explained below.

  • Snowflake Partner Connect Free Trial—Available through Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal, the free trial lets you try out Alation free for 14 days. The free trial offers Snowflake-specific data governance capabilities, in addition to many other standard features like the business glossary and intelligent SQL editor. You’ll also get self-guided tours and access to product specialists through a built-in chat.

  • Alation Cloud Service Enterprise Tiers—Alation Cloud Service Enterprise has different tiers that are tailored to your organization’s workload. It offers access to the full suite of Alation features and allows you to connect to a variety of data sources beyond Snowflake. Additional users, connectors, and certain features are purchased separately so you can expand as needed.


Snowflake Partner Connect Free Trial

ACS Enterprise Tiers

# of Users



# of Connectors

Snowflake Only


# of Objects Cataloged



Data Catalog



Snowflake Column-Level Lineage


Snowflake Tags


Snowflake Policies


Stewardship Workbench




Governance Dashboards


Alation Analytics

Alation Agent

Technical Support

* These features and applications are available for ACS Enterprise Tiers but require additional licenses.